So, how effective is your safety program and how do you know?

Ignorance, and its’ evil twin Denial, are frequently found in a factory or organization just prior to a major negative event.  Comments such as “We didn’t know that was going on!” or “How could we have known that the J bolts on the crane rail were loose?!” are the first indicator that the evil twins […]

What do I need in my safety program?


The simple answer is that you need as much a program as is necessary to control the risk and not one iota more.  The goals of the written program include fixing the guidance into institutional memory by making it YOUR program, allowing for ongoing conversation on how to improve safety practices, methods and content to […]

3 things TRUE about safety and 3 things NOT TRUE


Safety is a unique blend of hard engineering science, management skills and ethics.   As the safety is practiced, it is inevitable that both truths and myths are created. Here are a few of each for you to consider in light of your own professional practice. Truth #1: Compliance with the legal requirements is NOT all […]

Best Plan? To have a Plan!


It is only possible time to plan ahead of the actual activity. This seems obvious but it has been my experience that we are generally far better at asking why we didn’t do something than asking how we plan to do something ahead of the activity. We are an action oriented society and ‘can do’, […]