“Matt Towne has empowered TURBOCAM to own, operate and sustain systems that will keep its employees safe for years to come.  While Matt can be demanding, in an athletic coach sort of way, we found him to be diligent to calibrate our approach to our unique culture.  NFL Hall of Fame Coach Tom Landry said his job is to “make people do what they don’t want to do so they can become what they wanna be.”  Matt is that kind of influencer whose commitment to his client’s success is unquestionable.  He is a no-nonsense promoter of proven systems with the expertise to back it up.  We are a better company for his having worked with us for the past year.  And the people who worked directly with him are better change leaders as a result.”

Mark Overmyer
Director of Organization Development
Turbocam International


“Matt Towne, our Product Stewardship contractor, has been providing an excellent service to the company and to our customers by providing accurate and timely responses to the numerous customer inquiries. Matt has always worked with professionalism and has high ethical standards. Matt will execute well and at the same time, design and implement systems to ensure continuous improvements.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

– Eric Carrier hired Matt as a Product Stewardship consultant in 2010

” Matt is a detail oriented safety professional with a wealth of knowledge that is essential in helping an organization achieve their safety objectives. His ability to inspire enthusiasm and a friendly competitive spirit in team members helps to sustain a strong safety program and insure its success.”

– Mary Ellen Kerr, Director Human Resources, Tyco Engineered Products and Services worked directly with Matt at Tyco Flow Control

“Matt is a EH&S professional who is an exceptional manager ,very competent ,with a bias for action. He was a tremendous resource who was always willing to go the extra mile to insure a safe work process was in place.”

– Monte Lee, Group Manager, Tyco International worked directly with Matt at Tyco Flow Control

“Matt is an outstanding Health & Safety professional with global experience. He is both a Registered Nurse and a Certified Safety Professional. Of the highest integrity and with a “hands-on” management style, he has led and taught in his field of expertise in Asia, Europe and North America. In addition to his work experience, Matt is active in his community and is a continuous learner.”

– John A. Helfrich, Vice President Human Resources, Tyco Engineered Products & Services managed Matt at Tyco Flow Control

“Matt is a top flight Safety Professional, solid technical and presentation skills….one of the best.”

– Rob Adams, Sr. Director Health & Safety, Tyco International managed Matt indirectly at Tyco Flow Control

“Matt Towne is a passionate and very knowledgeable Safety Professional who has assisted and guided the facility towards Health and Safety excellence! His ability to teach and educate were some of the key factors in starting the behavioral modification in the organization. The spark that was started by Matt resulted in OSHA VPP Superstar recognition, among other certifications. Matt is a true leader who “makes organizations better”. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone who wants to have the organization excel in the Health and Safety field.”

– Jerryl Nai, Manager EHS, TYCO Valves and Controls worked indirectly for Matt at Tyco Flow Control

“Matt was a top performer at Tyco. His work was first rate and practical. I have hired Matt as a consultant on safety since leaving Tyco because of the quality and reliability of his work.”

– Michael Durkin, Vice President, Finance, Chart Energy & Chemicals, Inc. managed Matt indirectly at Tyco Flow Control

“Matt’s knowledge of EHS is incredible. He has the ability to interact with executives on stragetic initiatives and then can easily transition to working with employees working on the manufacturing floor. I hope I have the opportunity to work with Matt in the future.”

– Andrea Piccarelli, Human Resources Manager, Tyco Flow Control worked directly with Matt at Tyco Flow Control

“Matt is one of those rare Safety & Risk Management people who is able to take safety to the point where it is behaviorally motivated and enjoying.”

I was a guest auditor with Matt at Tyco International and was lucky to have been a part of Matt’s safety team. A non-inclusive list of Matt’s attributes and abilities are:

  • Collaborative process – Instead of auditing facilities and implementing safety through fear and intimidation, Matt had a process of working with people, highlighting areas that needed improvement as well providing praise for areas that were well done.
  • Extensive knowledge of safety systems and processes – No matter what type of facility, from a factory that lays fiber optic cable across the Atlantic Ocean to a laboratory that utilizes powerful commercial lasers, Matt was able to adapt to any type of location to provide the needed recommendations to improve safety.
  • Excellent analysis, needs assessment and implementation – Identifying what is wrong is one thing, but being able to disseminate that information and provide practical recommendations is another. Matt did so in short order in a positive manner.
  • Plant sites were enthusiastic to be audited – How often does that happen? Not only did safety improve, but also morale.
  • Results – Lowered incidents and improved safety numbers in general. Any safety program is as good as its results. Matt saved untold hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more through his expertise.

These days, where every penny counts, Matt is the ideal safety consultant who can come in, provide analysis, achieve results and lower costs. I highly recommend Matt Towne.

– Jud Grubbs, Western Region Human Resources Manager, Tyco Plastics worked with Matt at Tyco International

“Matt helped our plant achieve a level of excellence in the area of EH&S that many thought was unattainable. His professionalism, guidance and assistance were invaluable!”

– Terri Pitcher, Plant Manager, Tyco Adhesives worked with Matt at Tyco International

“Matt is a very passionate EHS professional. Matt has global experience and has traveled the world implementing safety programs at sites that were in various stages of implementation. He was able to adapt his approach as some sites may have had very little in place while others may have had a robust program in place. It was a rewarding experience to work with Matt and I highly recommend him.”

– Keith Welch, CSP, Manager Environmental, Health & Safety, Tyco Flow Control worked with Matt at Tyco International

“Matt is a passionate Safety leader who is willing to roll up his sleeves and get jobs done. He brings a depth of expertise and engaging personality that helps drive change from the ground up.”

– Ryan Stafford, VIce President & General Counsel-Tyco Engineered Products & Services, Tyco International worked directly with Matt at Tyco International

“Matt can engage people at all levels of an organisation to bring about change. He has influenced and facilitated a Safety culture in even the toughest manufacturing environments. Both Technically and through his Management skills he can help companies to understand clearly the steps to implement a robust Health and Safety Programme. For me, he was a great mentor and coach.”

– Nicola Mann, HS&E Manager / HR Director, Tyco Fire & Building Products worked indirectly for Matt at Tyco International