What do I need in my safety program?

The simple answer is that you need as much a program as is necessary to control the risk and not one iota more.  The goals of the written program include fixing the guidance into institutional memory by making it YOUR program, allowing for ongoing conversation on how to improve safety practices, methods and content to the training and to establish a method where the management can determine how they can be certain that it is fully implemented.

The program should have guidance on the identified risks and how to manage those risks.  Fall protection will identify where you can tie off, when you should tie off, the specified equipment and other pertinent material.  It should NOT have how to tie off to roof tops if that is not something you do.  The key is that EVERYTHING in the program must be relevant to that site and its risk profile.  This guidance must be at the level where the user is not left to research on their own.  Specifics for how to calibrate YOUR confined space meter must be in the program but information on contaminants you do not have, does not belong in the program.

Generic programs available on the web are useful for ONLY two things – 1) a place to start to build your own program.  They must be individualized.  2) to educate the reader and writer on what others have included so that you don’t leave anything out that needs to be in the program.  I do offer written programs for your use for a nominal amount depending on the program.  These are useful in getting the structure set and for having the relevant ANSI standards referenced for you in the document.  ALL of these must be further enhanced for your location.  I can do that also but it requires a visit and some quality time with your employees.  Simply contact me at mtowne@northeastsafetyconsulting.com